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Obama site: Jews must be ‘burned’

Posted by morganwrites on August 23, 2008

Anti-Semites congregate on candidate’s official presidential campaign blog.

JERUSALEM – Jews should be “burned” and “thrown in the oven.”

Israel murdered 6 million Arabs.

Jews control American politics and dictate decisions of war and peace.

The Jewish state is leading a “Holocaust” against the Palestinian people and was responsible for 9/11.
The above are just a sampling of a large volume of racist, anti-Semitic and anti-Israel propaganda that can be found on user-generated pages on Sen. Barack Obama’s official campaign website, which allows registered members to form groups and post content in online “community” blogs.

The Obama campaign does not monitor all blog material but says it removes offending posts brought to the attention of site administrators.

A search through the community blogs on Obama’s official site under such key words as “Zionists,” “Israel Lobby,” or “Jews” brings up thousands of entries, some containing what can easily be described as hate material.

In a blog posting on Obama’s site titled, “Are Israeli Zionists in Control of Our Democracy?” user “Stan” claims “Israeli elements” in the U.S. who possess both American and Israeli citizenship “dominate our political process so we cannot act as an honest broker in the Middle East.”

He said members of Congress “know that they must support the will of Israel or be subjected to the wrath of [pro-Israel groups].”

The posting goes on to urge a U.S. military boycott of Israel, lamenting that Hamas is labeled a terror group while the U.S. supplied Israel with “planes, rockets, cluster and phosphorus bombs for Israel to use at will.”

Another blog entry, simply titled “Palestinians,” concocts “Jewish genocide of six million Palis (Palestinians)” and urges Obama to “level the playing field for the suffering Palestinians.”

“Many non-militant Arabs and Muslims await some degree of fairness from you if you are elected,” noted the entry.

In a blog titled “Palestine vs. Israel,” MyObama user “Patti” complains she “cannot comprehend how many Jewish people can speak of the Holocaust as well as stating that Israel is the Holy Land and commit the atrocities they are committing against the Palestinian people.”

A blog labeled “The only way to free America” urges Americans to “throw the Jews in the oven.”
“Shed ourselves from the racist Zionists in America. They control everything. But they won’t keep us down any longer. Throw the Jews in the oven this November. Its the only way we can free America and make sure barack obama is elected!

One entry titled, “Stop the attacks on Muslim Nations to please Zionists,” announces “Israel has destroyed its own image in the world and is taking America down with its Zionist aggression.”

Anti-Semitic rhetoric is not limited to blog entries alone, but can also be found in user comments on some of the blog postings.

For example, a comment on a blog discussing energy, reads “Burn something else besides oil…start with the Zionists.”

Many of the “Israel Lobby” entries have comments accusing Jews of controlling the U.S.

If Barack can’t manage his own web site, how can we possibly think he can manage our country?


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