Things I am passionate about. Injustice, stupidity, intolerance, bigotry and small-mindedness. Oh and there might just be some humor to offset the whole thing.

This will break your heart.

Posted by morganwrites on July 3, 2008

A few nights ago, well, maybe a few more than that, I turned the tv on to catch the 10 pm news – not that I like the local news station as their ‘reporters’ act like they’ve won emmy awards or even oscars – and I just love to see them screw up every 5 minutes or so and then I make fun of them (some things amuse me) – anyway..

The opening story was about this 23 year old man who had pimped this 17 year old girl out for sex.  (I thought geez what an asshole.)

The next scene was this fortish year old woman who was her mother (there was no mention of a father) who had no clue that her daughter even knew this 23 year old shithead, or that her daughter was engaging in doing the do.

The reporter then told us that this 23 year old had befriended this 17 year old, and without using drugs, coercion, threats, beatings, money, gifts, blackmail, etc. had convinced this girl to have sex with whomever might be able to pay the bill.   The reporter did not know any other details, such as was protection used, or what may have you.  The 23 year old is in custody.

His closing line hit me like a corkscrew going straight through my heart – this very pretty 17 year old girl had the mind of a 10 year old.

I  have no more words.


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