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Democrats Promise A Lot, But Who Will Pay The Bill?

Posted by morganwrites on February 26, 2008

(USA) – Democratic presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have both proposed an array of costly spending programs. A sampling:


* Health care overhaul ($110 billion annually)

* Energy proposals ($150 billion over 10 years)

* New “GI Bill” education and housing assistance to veterans ($5 billion annually)

* Universal pre-K education program ($7 billion annually)

* Economic stimulus, including housing and heating assistance ($110 billion, presumably one-time)


* Health care overhaul (up to $65 billion annually)

* Additional health care spending ($40 billion annually)

* “Making Work Pay” refundable tax credit to offset Social Security tax ($62 billion annually)

* $4,000 tuition tax credit ($6 billion annually)

* K-12 education spending ($18 billion annually)

* Doubling budget for basic science ($6 billion annually)

Sources: Candidates’ websites, National Taxpayers Union, USA TODAY research.

Who will pay the bill?  It ain’t gonna be them!  It’s us little chickens who are scratching in the barn yard trying to find something to eat.  Hillarity’s plan is $137 billion per year, not including the $110 presumably 1-time economic stimulus.  Want stimulus – quit telling the world that we in a recession, you didst. Barack’s plan is $197 billion a year and seems to have more user friendly stuff.  Whatever is passed, hopefully by the people, with no pork in it, let’s all make sure that these ‘programs’ are aimed at the legal residents of our country.  After all, we’re the ones that pay for it. 


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