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Mexican Prez Decries Anti-Immigrant Tone

Posted by morganwrites on February 14, 2008

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) – Mexican President Felipe Calderon on Monday decried anti-immigrant perceptions in the United States and argued that Mexican immigrants complement American workers.


On his first trip to the U.S. as Mexico’s president, Calderon said he is working to combat anti-Americanism in Mexico and to improve job prospects there to reduce migration. He said he hopes that Americans resist anti-Mexican sentiments.

“The worst thing that happened in this country is this anti-Mexican or anti-immigrant perception of people. We need to contain this,” Calderon said after a speech at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

“I need to change in Mexico the perception that the Americans are the enemy, and it is important to change the perception that the Mexicans are the enemy,” he said. “We are neighbors, we are friends and we must be allies.”

The combination of American wealth and Mexican labor is an irresistible economic force, Calderon said.

“You have two economies. One economy is intensive in capital, which is the American economy. One economy is intensive in labor, which is the Mexican economy,” he said. “We are two complementary economies, and that phenomenon is impossible to stop.”

Calderon’s trip has been billed as a high-stakes effort to shape the immigration debate during the U.S. presidential race, though Calderon is not meeting with any of the candidates or with President Bush during the trip. He said he will not endorse a candidate but will work with whomever is elected.

Immigration remains a key issue in nominating contests, particularly among Republicans, amid calls for toughened border security and a border fence.

“The American economy is suffering, but if you take the point of view that the solution for this situation, a lack of competitiveness of the American economy, is closing the border, you are making a very big mistake,” Calderon said.

During his speech, Calderon said that he had worked hard to combat drug gangs in Mexico but that the effort would be long, costly and difficult. He also pointed a finger at the U.S., saying the drug trade in Mexico is contingent on the demand for illegal drugs north of the border.

“Drugs are not just our problem. We are the neighbor of the largest consumer in the world,” he said.

Earlier Monday, Calderon and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon discussed climate change, counter-narcotics efforts and U.N. anti-poverty goals during a private meeting in New York. Calderon also will visit Chicago, Los Angeles and Sacramento, Calif.

So Felipe, we’re the cause that you have so many drug cartels in your country, which , in the opinion of most informed Gringos, is the one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Have you lost your mind, Senor? Answer this question, amigo, if we shipped back every illegal Mexicano (most of which are released from your prisons with the express intent that they head for Norte Americano), what exactly can you do for them? There are 12,000,000 + of your ‘beloved’ citizens living here in the ‘drug den of the world’ and shouldn’t it cause you concern that your fellow country men might fall in with these desperate criminals and become just like them? Why don’t you fix the problems in your country before you go lecturing to us – if you want to stop the drug trade in Mexico, then stop the drugs from coming into your country, you pin head.  Further, as if you didn’t know, why don’t you come up here and arrest the illegals of your country who are selling drugs to the indigenous tribes, and as a ‘reward’ to the females of these tribes, your thugs make a habit of raping as many of the American Indian women and children as they can lay their hands on.  Why don’t we call in the law, well, if you had gone to school, you’d know that Tribal land is governed by tribal people, and these lawmen are scattered so very thin that they can’t be everywhere at once.  Oh, by the way, how you doing on the anti-American feelings your country has against us – clean up your back yard before you start lecturing to anyone.


2 Responses to “Mexican Prez Decries Anti-Immigrant Tone”


    It’s time for Mexico to stop lobbying to change United States immigration policies. Mexico should not be allowed to defend the interests of its people who have illegally entered our country and broken our law! This blatant interference by the Mexican government is something Mexico would never tolerate in their own country. So, please stop engaging in America’s politics!
    Go home Calderon!

  2. Reflections,
    I couldn’t have said it better.
    I’m always amazed that ‘illegals’ from what ever country, can co-opt our laws to their advantage – shit, if our comportment in their country(ies) ignored their laws we’d be thrown in the slammer existing on bread and water.

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