Things I am passionate about. Injustice, stupidity, intolerance, bigotry and small-mindedness. Oh and there might just be some humor to offset the whole thing.

“Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da, Life goes on, bra”

Posted by morganwrites on October 13, 2007

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho (AP) – Security guards refused to allow a woman into a federal courthouse until she removed a bra that triggered a metal detector.

Lori Plato said she and her husband, Owen Plato, were stunned when U.S. Marshals Service employees asked her to remove her bra after the under-wire supports set off the alarm.

“I asked if I could go into the bathroom because they didn’t have a privacy screen and no women security officers were available,” Plato said. “They said, ‘No.’ ”

I wasn’t carrying a shank in my bra. It it’s so dangerous, why did they give it back and let me put it on?”

Patrick McDonald, the U.S. Marshal in Boise, said appropriate security protocols were followed in the Sept. 20 matter, and guards suggested she simply remove the bra in her car outside, or find a restaurant bathroom.

“She’s inflating it,” McDonald said. ( Pun intended?) “All of a sudden she just took it off. It wasn’t anything we wanted to happen and it wasn’t anything we asked for her to do. She did it so fast.”

Plato, of Bonners Ferry, said she was parked on a busy street and wasn’t familiar with downtown Coeur d’Alene businesses. So her husband help up his coat to shield her from the rest of the people in the courthouse lobby whiles she removed her bra underneath her shirt.

Generally, McDonald said, undergarments aren’t considered a danger to security.

“I don’t think they’re considered a weapon, really, the last time I looked,” he said.

He declined to discuss other ways the federal courthouse guards could have screened Plato for weapons.

Plato wants the Marshals Service to apologize and stop forcing women to disrobe.

“It was very humiliating,” her husband, Owen, said. “They could have handled it with a more professional attitude.

No doubt this woman was well endowed and the security guards were, shall we say, acting lewd? Better watch out for those under-wires – they could be used to, er, give firmer support to a bra. And if McDonald didn’t think that bras were weapons, then why did Mr. McDonald request the removal?

Lyrics in header – The Beatles, White Album, Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da, 1968



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