Things I am passionate about. Injustice, stupidity, intolerance, bigotry and small-mindedness. Oh and there might just be some humor to offset the whole thing.

Middle School Allows No Hugging

Posted by morganwrites on October 6, 2007

It appears, according to an AP story, if you need a hug, you won’t get it at Percy Julian Middle School in Oak Park, Ill.

Principal Victoria Sharts, aka “No Hug” banned hugging among the suburban Chicago school’s 860 students anywhere inside the building. She said students were forming “hug lines” that made them late for classes and crowded the hallways.

Jezz, what a party pooper. Would Ms. Sharts rather have them bringing guns to school and shooting each other? What a ditz.

“Hugging is really more appropriate for airports or for family reunions that passing and seeing each other every few minutes in the halls,” Shyts, er, Sharts said. Like she’d be invited to any reunion.

Another reason to institute the no-hugging policy was that some hugs could be to long and too close, she said.

I think Ms. Sharts has issues of her own making and design. Think what message she’s sending to the children that are under her watch. ‘Don’t touch me, don’t hug me, don’t make me feel nice.’ Whatcha wanna bet we’ll have a bunch of scared and antisocial adults out of this group. Believe it or not, I read a story wherein on middle school banned running at recess! It was deemed inappropriate behavior as the boys were running faster than the girls, and God forbid, we don’t want to damage the girls self image because they can’t run as fast. Is that insane?

“There’s another side to the issue (see I told you she had issues) when a hug is either unwanted or becomes inappropriate as judged by one of the students involved.” Sharts wrote in a statement to parents. “On occasion, we do deal with those incidents. The goal is always to promote safe and orderly hallways where everybody can get by, be safe, and be on time.”

Out of 860 students, we had 1 ‘complaint’ or maybe it was just a question, from that 1 student. Why didn’t she poll the other 859? If that 1 student didn’t want to be hugged, then that student needn’t get in the hug-line. Isn’t this a case of the tail wagging the dog? It’s just like the airlines. Maybe 500 people are allergic to ‘peanut dust, and the rest of us aren’t – give them masks and let us enjoy our peanuts! But no, we all bow to those few who make our lives just that much less fun. Whatever happened to majority rules, dammit.



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